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Manganese and ferroalloys

Manganese and

Who would say that items as different as batteries and paint share a common feature? Manganese, the fourth most widely used metal in the world, is present in the composition of these, and many other objects of your everyday life.

We are a leading producer of manganese, an essential steelmaking input, and also of ferroalloys 鈥 combinati鈥媜ns of iron and one or more chemical elements, such as manganese itself.

Nearly 90% of manganese output is used in the steel industry, but its applications also include the manufacture of fertilizers, animal food and cars.


Our mines produce three types of manganese products, which are used in a wide range of applications.


Metallurgical ore

Ferroalloys -  manganese is essential to the manufacture of almost all types of steel


Natural manganese dioxide

Batteries - manganese and zinc are combined to make long-life alkaline batteries


Chemical ore

Animal food - manganese is used to improve your pet's lunch
Glass - manganese has been used in glassmaking since the times of ancient Egypt


Our activities in this sector are located in Brazil. We operate manganese mines and plants in the states of Par谩 and Mat Grosso do Sul. We also have ferro鈥媋lloy plants in Minas Gerais and Bahia.




  • Potential

    Brazil has 10% of global manganese reserves, after Ukraine (24%), South Africa (22%) and Australia (16%).

  • Leadership

    Vale is the largest manganese producer in Brazil, accounting for roughly 70% of the country鈥檚 market. The Azul Mine in Par谩 is responsible for 80% of our output. We are also leaders in manganese-based ferroalloys.

  • High-grade ore

    The Brazilian mines of Azul in Par谩 and Urucum in Mato Grosso do Sul are known for the high manganese content of their ore 鈥 at least 40%.