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Check on this page the main actions and projects of Vale鈥檚 repair and development divided into social and dam safety actions. In addition, the latest news and videos are released here.

Repair Report

Read about Vale's initiatives since the breach of Dam I and learn about the next steps.




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Help Centers

Learn more about on-site humanitarian assistance




Read more about our initiatives for sourcing and resource management



Learn about monitoring and repair initiatives in the Paraopeba River Basin.


Safety and dams鈥嬧

Updated lists

Check out the lists of uncontacted people and identified bodies.



What have we done for Brumadinho and surrounding areas over the last year?

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Rainwater treatment station

Marcelo Barros explains the preventive measures taken at Bar茫o de Cocais

Understand the situation at the Gongo Soco Mine, in Bar茫o de Cocais

Marcelo Klein explains about the dam in Ouro Preto and Macacos

What was done for Brumadinho?

Report shows that there was no increase in the water level of the dam

Vale's Director explains about the donations to the affected people of the Self-Rescue Zone

Vale Reports: Lieutenant-colonel Flavio Godinho talks about donations

Vale reports: field Hospital to assist the animals

Bulletin: Luciano Siani Pires, Vale's Executive Director of Finance and Investors Relations

Vale reports: Vale installs first sediment control barrier in the Paraopeba River

Vale reports: Humanitarian Assistance in Brumadinho

Vale reports: learn about the Knowledge Center

Bulletin: What is decomission upstream dams? - Lucio Cavalli

Vale reports: Fabio Schvartsman鈥檚 statement about the meeting with Brazil's Attorney General

Watch testimonial from Rodrigo Dutra Amaral, manager of Environmental Licensing at Vale

Vale's Field Hospital Assists Rescued Animals

Vale reports: animal rescue

Bulletin: Preliminary Investigation Results - Alexandre D'Ambrosio

Press Conference - Luciano Siani announces emergency measures to suport victims

Press conference - Dram

Fabio Schvarstman flies over Brumadinho and monitors emergency measures in Minas Gerais

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